Badami Chicken/Almond Chicken - A guest post for Rafeeda

Blogging had opened a wide door that led to networking and making friendship with people who I had never met but share the same ardor for food like me.  I had astounded by the fact that how much blogging had changed my taste buds and try new recipes of my blogger friends. Exchanging tips and tricks from the kitchen, chit chatting with friends whom you never met is the joy of blogging I had experienced.  It is very easy to communicate with people who share the same interest and ideas.

Rafeeda is one of my blogger friend who blogs at 'The Big Sweet Tooth' whom I met through the world of blogging.  It was only few months ago I stumbled on her blog while searching for something, but I couldn't stop going back to her blog again as I felt that she is someone who lives next door to me.  Her blog had got a huge attention in this short period of time.  The amount of dedication she might have put into her site to nurture it from a seedling to a fast growing tree is appreciable.  You can see a great collection of food ranging from Sweet treats to Keralite authentic food on her blog.  When Rafeeda asked me to do a guest post for her, I was thrilled to do so as it was my first guest post since I started blogging. 

 My guest post for Rafeeda is this Badami Chicken/Almond Chicken, which is a North Indian preparation of boneless chicken in spicy gravy made with almond milk.  This dish makes use of whole spices which gives it a pleasant aroma.  Badami Chicken is perfect when paired with steamed Basmati rice or Indian flat breads (Naan/Roti/Chapthi/Paratha).  Navigate to Rafeeda's 'The Big Sweet Tooth' to view the recipe.

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