About Me

Food Enthusiast. Passionate cook. Working Mom of 3.

I remember myself as a picky eater when I was a kid. I never paid much attention to what was happening in the kitchen when Mom cooked. The only few things I remember making were omelets, tea and coffee. But I used to pay attention to food magazines and their presentation even as a child.

The whole story changed when I got married. It was like reinventing the wheel for me as I didn't know some of the basic stuff in cooking. I had to get my Mom's expertise advice for working in the kitchen. There I developed the passion for cooking and experimenting with food. Along with my passion for cooking, I developed the enthusiasm for presentation and photography. I don't claim myself as an expert in any of these areas. But I can assure that if you have little bit of interest in cooking and some patience, you can do it!!!

The pictures on my blog are taken by me and I reserve the rights for the contents on this blog.  A lot of effort goes behind posting each recipes on the blog from cooking, styling, photography and writing.  So please don't copy the pictures from this site for any commercial or any other use without permission. 

In case if you are interested to know, I take my pictures with Canon EOS 5D Mark III camera with wide variety of canon lenses.

So why are you waiting?   Explore the blog; wear the chef's hat and whip up something you like for your family and friends!!!!


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