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Kerala Style Vattayappam

D o you have some favorite childhood snacks?  And did you ever tried to recreate it?  Vattyappam was a after school snack or breakfast at my home when growing up.  The fresh tender coconut and its water when mixed with soaked rice and ground in a stone grinder did the magic to the batter.  But I was never able to recreate it when I started cooking.  I still wanted my kids to enjoy them,.  So I used to make Vattayappam for them even though it was never the prefect one.   I was in a constant hunt for finding a perfect recipe for Vattyappam.  I have 4 or 5 version of Vattayappam recipes, but they never yielded the texture I was looking for.  Either they turned out to be too soggy or soft and don't have that crumbly texture.  The batter consistency, rice to coconut ratio, rice type and fermentation time all contributed to the result. After many experiments with several versions of recipes, I finally settled on this fool proof recipe for perfect textured Vattayappam.  If you are struggl

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