Kids Lunch Box Ideas

Tired of packing the same old PBJ sandwiches for kids lunch?  Here are some quick and healthy lunch ideas that you can try for your kids.

Mini Casserole muffins, garlic bread strips, sliced baby carrots and a piece of cranberry orange loaf for lunch.  Clementine for early snack.

Almond Butter and Jelly sandwich, nectarine and grape fruit kebabs, almonds and raisins, cucumber and carrots and chocolate milk for lunch.  Homemade popcorn for snack.

Cold Macaroni Apple Cranberry salad, almonds, raisins and clementine for lunch.  Grapes for snack.  Make sure you pack the lunch in an insulated lunch bag or you can use a thermos to keep the macaroni salad cold.

    Egg Omelet with American cheese on a whole wheat flat bread

   Whipped Cream cheese + thinly sliced Apple + Walnut + drizzle of honey on whole wheat bread

 Nutella + Sliced apple + Raisins + Pomegranate on whole wheat bread 

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