Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Vegetables from my garden

As summer is ending and fall is approaching, the flora and fauna are changing their colors to prep for the cold weather, it is time to share some snaps of the vegetables I picked from my garden.  Hope you will enjoy it as much you enjoy reading a recipe!

Hand Picked Tomatoes


Purple Vegetables

Green Vegetables

Purple Beans

Varieties of some chilies from my garden.

Yellow Tomatoes


  1. What a great harvest! I love those purple beans..so beautiful.

  2. That is a wonderful harvest... love the pics with green chillies... looks as if it is falling from a height as you clicked the picture...

    I had a very bad harvesting but got to learn some things.. It was my first time try at growing vegetables so may be next year I get to improve.

  3. Lovely -- just really pretty pictures. Thanks!


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